Anonymous asked:

what do you consider to be fat? cuz I feel like I am and I can't tell if other people see me that way too :/

Well, I look at the legs, I know it weird, but if you have the cottage cheese look to your legs then I would consider you overweight, but you base what you consider to be fat by what you see yourself as, but you don’t see the flaws in anyone else, because to you, they are all skinny (even in they are actually fat) and your just a ..whale that grew legs and somehow manages to carry it around with you all day, but to me, everyone around me is skinny and secretly hate me and are judging me, ao whenever I hear someone laugh behind me, I think they are laughing at my fat jiggling, and I am 85% sure thats true most of the time. Anyway, sorry for getting abit off track, what I consider to make someone fat is based on my opinion of myself, but I am sure you are a seriously beautiful person, inside and out, who has a great personality that everyone loves, and you should stop thinking the way you are, because when you realise it was all in your head, its too late